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Military Cross (Krzyz Wojskowy).

Instituted by act of Parliament of June 14, 2007. It is a non-warlike counterpart of the Cross of Valor, and is a combat decoration, conferred to a military, irrespective of rank and service for combat valor agains an act of terror in the territory of Poland or while on a mission of the Armed Forces overseas. It can be awarded to members of other uniformed services or to civilians. It can also be awarded to a military unit. It can be conferred up to four times to the same person.


Военный Крест (аверс) Военный Крест (реверс)


Badge: bronze cross 42 x 42 mm, with concave arm bases, of the same design as that of the Order of the Military Cross, but without enamel and the surmounting crown. In the center there is an eagle of the coat of arms of Poland. The institution year "MMVII" in Roman numerals is located on the lower arm.

Reverse: flat, inscribed "MESTWU I ODWADZE" (to gallantry and valor) across the horizontal arms and a sword pointed upwards across the vertical ones. On the reverse there is also also the serial number.

Ribbon: 40 mm wide, crimson with 8 mm dark blue stripes, 3 mm inset (reversed colors of the Order of the Military Cross ribbon). Each subsequent award is denoted by a bronze bar with oak leaves on the ribbon.






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