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Army Cross of Merit (Wojskowy Krzyz Zaslugi).

Instituted by act of Parliament of June 14, 2007. Awarded in two categories: with and without swords to members of the army, in exceptional cases also to members of other services. The cross with swords is conferred for meritorious service in combat operations against acts of terrorism at home or during military missions overseas. The crosses without swords is bestowed for outstanding non-combat meritorious achievement or service.


Крест Заслуги в Армии с мечами (аверс) Крест Заслуги в Армии (аверс) Крест Заслуги в Армии (реверс)


Badge: bronze Greek cross 42 x 42 mm, with concave arm bases, of the same design as the Military Cross. In the center there is a Polish crowned eagle of the same design as that worn on army caps, sitting on a sword.

Reverse: flat, with a three line inscription "POLSKA / SWEMU / OBRONCY" (Poland to her defender) and two laurel sprays on the sides. When awarded with swords, they are placed on a ring and surmount the badge.

Ribbon: 38 mm wide, dark crimson with 2 mm white edges and 2 mm side stripes equally spaced. A second award is denoted by a bronze bar on the ribbon. For the crosses with swords the bar has oak leaves, for the crosses without swords the bar is plain and polished.






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